To us, it is important that the Makerspace is not just something that serves the community but is run by the community itself. Part of the money also goes to supporting refugee-volunteers in the following ways, further enabling them to help the community.

  • Providing Legal Support which is essential in navigating the complex legal hoops that often leave refugees living in the camp in legal limbo for years
  • Providing Food to support the daily work
  • Providing salary for our field coordinator, can be now legally hired, and have chosen to settle on Lesvos. These two volunteers are well connected and part of the refugee community and can lead the long term vision of the project, while other volunteers rotate in and out of the project at varying frequencies.

Contact Makerspace Lesvos

at Paréa Lesvos Community Center, Kara Tepe, 81100 Mytilini, Lesvos, Greece

+30 694 057 8308