Welcome to the Makerspace

We are a small multicultural team composed of volunteers living in the Kara Tepe refugee camp and European volunteers working alongside each other.

Displaced people living on Lesvos suffer harsh and unjust conditions, and are afforded limited movement beyond the Kara Tepe camp, which was originally set up as a temporary space composed of make-shift tents, but has become the only camp on the island after the destruction of Moria in 2020. They have to to navigate complex legal hoops, and sometimes the wait for asylum status can take years.

Our objective is to better the quality of life of refugees living on Lesvos by facilitating technical solutions to commonly faced problems. Self-empowerment and education are central to the organization’s mission.

We not only see ourselves as helping the community, but we are part of the community itself.

Contact Makerspace Lesvos

at Paréa Lesvos Community Center, Kara Tepe, 81100 Mytilini, Lesvos, Greece


+30 694 057 8308